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Problem Solving & Algebra
Term 3 Week 1

Week 8, Term 2 2017
Maths Hub
Check your Knowledge gaps on your I Can sheet.
Find the gaps on the Hub and teach it to yourself.
During your group sessions, ask if you can 'Prove It' to Mrs O.

Go over any of the Strategies you are unsure of as well before we I Can them.

Week 7, Term 2, 2017

Check out these online activities to help your practise adding and subtracting integers.

Videos on how to add and subtract integers


Week 3, Term 2

Week 1, Term 2

Views of 3D shapes

Reflection, Rotation, Translation

Term 2 Week 1

Angles - Monday & Tuesday

Angles - Friday
Complimentary and supplementary angles

Some possible topics to think about for your Statistical Investigation.

Uniform: Is it time for a change?
- Looking at whether students/teachers/parents believe our uniform is outdated or not needed
How dangerous is our school’s street?
- Looking at our school’s street and the traffic, the number of cars, cyclists and pedestrians,  then comparing to other schools
Do we spend too much time looking at a device and not enough time in books?
- Looking how much video games and television are watched compared to books that are read at home
Are we safe on the road?
- Looking at numerous aspects of road safety (eg. seatbelts, cars not indicating, cars not stopping at stop signs, cars cutting corners)
Should fast food be on the menu?
- Looking at the nutritional value of fast food and how much it is consuming by people

What are the reasons families immigrated to New Zealand?
- Looking at how many families immigrate and their reasons

You hopefully have even better ideas! Will be checking in Thursday so we can get started. Good luck!

Mrs O

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